Thank you for choosing the EBKE e-bike. To better serve you after purchasing the product, we kindly ask you to register the bike in our database. Send us a copy of your invoice and your contact details. You can write to us via sales@ebke.bike.

If something happens to your EBKE and you need repair or spare parts, read the warranty period for spare parts and accessories below:

Frame: 24 months
Front fork: 36 months
Handle: 24 months
Standpipe: 24 months
Wheel: 24 months
Charger: 24 months
Controller: 24 months
Engine: 24 months
Battery: 24 months
Speed adjustment lever: 24 months
Brake lever: 24 months

Please note that vulnerable parts such as brake pads, brake line, pedal, stand, chain, rim, tube and tire are not eligible for warranty.

If you believe that this is the case, please contact us.

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T. +31 (0)85 0605909
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