High-powered motor: At the heart of the V8 lies a motor that boasts impressive torque and speed. It propels you forward with remarkable acceleration, making every ride a heart-pounding adventure.

Innovative battery System: The V8’s battery technology isn’t just about longevity; it’s about pushing the limits. With advanced battery management, you can expect extended rides without compromise.

Responsive performance: The V8’s power delivery is finely tuned, ensuring that you can harness its potential with precision and control, regardless of the terrain.

Cutting-edge technology for unrivaled performance
Beyond its raw power, the EBKE V8 is a showcase of advanced technology that elevates your riding experience to new heights.

Intuitive controls: The V8’s user-friendly interface allows you to customize settings, monitor performance, and adjust power levels with ease, giving you the freedom to tailor your ride to your preferences.

High-performance components: From its suspension system to its braking mechanisms, the V8 is equipped with components that match its power, ensuring a safe and responsive ride.

Aesthetic dominance with a purpose

The EBKE V8’s design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a reflection of its power and purpose. From its bold lines to its commanding presence, every element is designed to convey the strength and capabilities that lie within.

Aggressive design: The V8’s aesthetics exude dominance, hinting at the powerhouse that lies beneath its frame.

Ergonomic comfort: The V8’s design doesn’t sacrifice comfort for power. Ergonomically designed features ensure that you can ride longer and enjoy every moment.


Frame: aluminum alloy
Motor: 750W Bafang
Maximum torque: > 80N.m
Battery: 48V / 9.6 Ah Lithium
Wheel size: 20 inches
Braking system: hydraulic disc brakes
Gears: 3 levels
Charging time: 3-4 hours
LCD screen
Range pure electric: 30-40 km
Pedal assisted: 75 km
Max. speed: 45 km/h
Folding handle bar
Shimano 7 gear
Color: black or grey



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