The Endeavour is a noteworthy fat bike model designed to tackle challenging terrains with ease. Here’s a closer look at its features and capabilities:

The Endeavour is equipped with oversized tires. These fat tires offer exceptional traction and stability, allowing riders to confidently navigate various surfaces such as sand, snow, mud, and rocky terrain. The increased surface area of the tires also provides enhanced flotation, making it easier to ride over soft or loose ground without sinking in.

One of the standout features of the Endeavour is its electric motor system, which provides pedal-assist capabilities. This means that riders can enjoy the benefits of electric assistance while still getting a workout by pedaling. The electric motor helps to propel the bike forward, especially in challenging conditions or when climbing steep inclines, reducing rider fatigue and extending the range of the bike.

The EBKE Endeavour is equipped with a 750W high-torque electric motor, capable of delivering ample power to conquer tough terrain. The motor is typically controlled via a handlebar-mounted display, allowing riders to adjust the level of assistance based on their preferences and the riding conditions.

To support extended rides, the Endeavour comes with a durable lithium-ion battery pack. The battery capacity can vary depending on the model and specifications, but it’s designed to provide sufficient power for long distances. The battery is easily rechargeable, allowing riders to quickly replenish power between rides.

The frame of the Endeavour is constructed from robust steel, ensuring durability and stability even in demanding environments. Additionally, the bike is equipped with quality components such as suspension forks, hydraulic disc brakes and reliable drivetrain systems, all of which contribute to a smooth and controlled riding experience.


Frame material: Steel
Power supply: lithium battery
Torque: 30-50 Nm
Motor: high-Speed ​​Brushless Motor 750W
Maximum peak power: 1500Watts
Battery: Removable lithium battery 13Ah
Display: 8 kinds of LCD display
Brakes: hydraulic brake
Suspension: Aluminum alloy front shock and rear suspension
Tire size: 20″*4.0 fat tires
Speed: 7 speed Shimano
Maximum speed 25-45 km/h
Color: Black
PAS: 1 intelligent PAS system
Range: 35-40 km by throttle, 40-60 km by PAS
Maximum loading capacity: 150 kg
Weight: 25 kg




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