Unleashing power and precision: the V38 fatbike with dual 1000W Motor

The V38 Fatbike emerges as a trailblazer, combining raw power, innovative design, and cutting-edge technology. This formidable electric fatbike is equipped with not one, but two 1000W motors, providing an unparalleled riding experience. Paired with hydraulic brakes, the V38 promises not only speed but also precision control, making it a standout choice for thrill-seekers and off-road enthusiasts.

Power unleashed

The heart of the V38 lies in its dual 1000W motors, delivering a total power of 2000W. This extraordinary setup propels the fatbike to new heights, conquering terrains that would challenge traditional bikes. Whether you’re tackling steep hills, rough trails, or sand dunes, the V38’s power ensures a smooth and exhilarating ride.

The dual-motor configuration also offers enhanced traction and stability, particularly on challenging surfaces. Riders can effortlessly switch between power levels, customizing the ride to their preferences and adapting to the demands of the terrain.

Hydraulic brakes for precision control

Power is nothing without control, and the V38 addresses this with its hydraulic braking system. The inclusion of hydraulic brakes elevates the safety and control standards of this fatbike, providing riders with the confidence to push their limits.

Hydraulic brakes are renowned for their superior stopping power and responsiveness. The V38’s braking system ensures quick and precise stops, crucial for navigating tricky trails or managing high-speed descents. This feature is especially valuable for riders who demand reliability and precision in their biking experience. All specs can be found here