As cities worldwide strive to reduce carbon emissions, the EBKE V4 aligns with the global push towards sustainable transportation. By opting for an electric city bike, riders contribute to a cleaner and greener urban environment, reducing their carbon footprint while enjoying the convenience of electric mobility.

At the heart of the EBKE V4 is its robust electric motor, providing a powerful and smooth ride. The electric assistance allows riders to effortlessly conquer hills and cover longer distances with ease. The bike features multiple riding modes, catering to different preferences and terrains. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely cruise or a brisk commute, the EBKE V4 adapts to your riding style.

Equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, the EBKE V4 ensures a reliable and enduring ride. Commuters can travel worry-free, knowing that the battery life is optimized for both efficiency and longevity. The bike’s intelligent battery management system also provides real-time feedback on the remaining charge, empowering riders with the information they need for a seamless journey.


Wheel size: 14 inch
Frame: aluminum alloy
Wheel: 14 inch alloy integrated wheel
Motor: 400W brushless rear hub motor
Battery: 48V 10AH battery
Brake: Front/rear disc brakes
Speed shift: Shimano 7 speed shift
Battery: Removable middle battery
Speed: 25-30km/h
Endurance: 35-40km
Charger: Standard DC 2A fast charger
Charging time: 5-8 hours
Rear suspension: rear cushion suspension
Lights: LED head- and rear light
Max load: 130 kg
Including rear rack



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