Dominating Performance: The F35 isn’t your average electric bike; it’s a beast that knows no bounds. Its 1000W motor takes performance to a whole new level:

Thunderous Acceleration: The F35’s motor propels you forward with breathtaking acceleration, ensuring that every ride begins with a rush of excitement.

Top Speed Thrills: With its impressive power, the F35 reaches top speeds that elevate your riding experience, making every journey an exhilarating adventure.

Commanding Hills: Tackling steep inclines becomes effortless with the F35’s 1000W power, allowing you to conquer hills with confidence and ease.

Built for Adventure: The EBKE F35 isn’t just about power; it’s about durability, control, and a design that matches its performance prowess:

Sturdy Construction: The F35’s robust frame is engineered to handle the forces generated by its 1000W motor, ensuring stability and control at high speeds.

Responsive Handling: The bike’s precision steering and optimized suspension ensure that you can navigate corners and curves with confidence and precision.

Striking Design: The F35’s aesthetics exude power and strength. Its bold lines, muscular frame, and attention-grabbing design make it a statement of performance and style.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit
The EBKE F35 isn’t just a bike; it’s an invitation to embrace your adventurous spirit and push your limits:

  • Epic Explorations: Whether you’re hitting the trails, exploring off-road paths, or carving through city streets, the F35 is your partner in adventure.
  • Thrilling Commutes: Turn your daily commute into an exciting journey as the F35’s power makes every ride an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of speed.
  • Redefine Boundaries: The F35 encourages you to redefine what’s possible on two wheels. It’s a call to embrace challenges, conquer obstacles, and experience the world in a whole new way.

The EBKE F35 electric bike is the embodiment of power and performance. With its 1000W motor, it opens doors to exhilarating adventures, speed, and a level of control that empowers you to conquer any terrain. As you ride the F35, you’re not just experiencing an electric bike; you’re embracing a journey that’s defined by power, excitement, and the unyielding spirit of adventure.


Motor: Brushless rear motor 1000W
Frame: Aluminium alloy
Battery: 48V 20Ah
Max. speed: 40 km/h
Range: 40-50 km pure electric / 70 km (PAS)
Wheel: 20*4 inch
Mudguard: front and rear
Throttle: yes
Weight: 39.5 kg
Brakes: hydraulic disc brakes
Charging time: 6-7 hours
Derailleur: Shimano 6 speed
Built-in turn signals
Free shipping within EU
Two years full warranty



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