Motor: 500W
Frame: aluminium alloy
Battery: 48V 14AH lithium battery
Rear derailleur: Shimano Altus 7S
Brake: hydraulic disc brakes
Foldable: Yes
Frame color: blue
Wheel size: 20 inch
Display: LCD display
Torque sensor
Charger: 48V 3A
Front- and rear lights
Weight: 31 kg
Measures: 176 * 58,5 * 127 cm
Folded: 95 * 50 * 80 cm
Free shipping within EU
Two years full warranty

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The EBKE V22 is more than just an electric bike; it’s a celebration of empowerment, style, and performance designed specifically with women in mind. Tailored to meet the needs and preferences of female riders, the V22 combines elegance with functionality to offer a unique and enriching biking experience.

Embracing Women’s Lifestyle and Preferences

The V22 understands that every rider is unique, and its design and features are carefully curated to cater to the preferences of women:

Stylish Aesthetics: The V22’s design reflects an elegant and sophisticated sensibility. It embraces sleek lines, refined colors, and delicate details that resonate with a sense of style.

Comfort-Centric Design: The V22 places emphasis on ergonomic comfort, ensuring that every ride is not just enjoyable but also relaxing. From the saddle to the handlebars, every touchpoint is designed to prioritize comfort.

Step-Through Frame: The V22 features a step-through frame, making it easier to mount and dismount the bike gracefully, irrespective of clothing choices.

Tailored Riding Experience: The V22’s power delivery system is finely tuned to offer a smooth and controlled ride, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate different terrains with confidence.

Performance and Empowerment: Beyond its aesthetic charm, the EBKE V22 is also a performance powerhouse, designed to empower women on their biking journey:

Responsive Acceleration: The V22’s motor delivers responsive acceleration, allowing riders to confidently tackle hills and challenging paths.

Long-Lasting Battery: The V22’s advanced battery technology ensures that you can venture farther without worrying about running out of power, offering a sense of freedom on longer rides.

Intuitive Controls: The V22’s user-friendly controls provide an intuitive interface for adjusting power levels and settings, putting you in control of your ride.

Safety First: Safety is paramount, and the V22 comes equipped with features like responsive brakes and thoughtful lighting solutions, ensuring a secure riding experience.

A Statement of Empowerment

The EBKE V22 isn’t just a bike; it’s a statement of empowerment. As you glide through the streets, you become part of a movement that encourages women to embrace the joy of cycling, cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and explore the world around them with confidence.

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