V2 Off Road


Frame: Aluminium alloy
Motor: 500W
Battery: lithium 36V 15Ah
Shimano 7 gear system
Wheelsize: 20*2.125 fat tires
Charging time: 3-5 hours
Size: 159 x 46 x 105 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Adjustable handlebar
Front – and rear lights
Front- and rear disc brakes
Fenders and rear rack included
Free shipping within the EU
Two years full warranty

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As the seasons shift and autumn’s vibrant hues give way to the serene landscapes of winter, the EBKE V2 Off-Road Edition emerges as the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Building on its already impressive off-road capabilities, this exceptional electric bike is now available with fat tires, enabling riders to tackle even the most challenging terrains that the colder months bring.

Unveiling the All-Terrain Dominance

The EBKE V2 Off-Road Edition has been synonymous with adventure and versatility. With the introduction of fat tires, it takes on a new dimension, capable of conquering a wider range of surfaces and conditions. Fat tires, characterized by their wider profile and lower pressure, provide enhanced traction and stability, making them ideal for navigating through mud, snow, sand, and rough trails.

Key Benefits of Fat Tires for Autumn and Winter Riding

  1. Enhanced Traction: The wider surface area of fat tires increases the contact patch with the ground, significantly improving traction on slippery surfaces like wet leaves, icy paths, and snowy trails.
  2. Improved Stability: The lower tire pressure of fat tires creates a cushioning effect, absorbing shocks and vibrations. This results in a smoother ride and greater stability, especially on uneven and unpredictable terrain.
  3. Unparalleled Control: Riding in autumn and winter often involves encountering unpredictable obstacles. Fat tires provide superior control, allowing riders to navigate through obstacles with precision and confidence.
  4. Float Over Snow: Riding through snow-covered landscapes becomes an exhilarating experience as fat tires effectively “float” over the snow, reducing the risk of sinking and allowing for enjoyable wintertime exploration.
  5. Versatility: The ability to switch between fat tires and standard tires offers riders the freedom to adapt their e-bike to the specific conditions they encounter throughout the year.
Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 157 × 46 × 105 cm

Peacock Blue White, White

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