Embrace the urban lifestyle

In the heart of the city, where time is precious and convenience is key, the EBKE V1 shines as a beacon of urban mobility. With its compact design, electric assistance, and seamless integration with public transport, it offers an alternative that not only simplifies your commute but also adds a touch of adventure to your daily routine.

  1. Compact Frame: The V1’s frame is designed to strike a balance between efficiency and comfort, making it easy to navigate tight spaces and find parking in busy urban areas.
  2. Electric Assistance: The electric motor provides a boost to your pedaling efforts, helping you tackle hills and cover distances with less effort, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling fresh.
  3. Lightweight Construction: The V1’s lightweight construction makes it easy to handle and carry, especially when transitioning between riding and public transport.
  4. Quick Acceleration: Stop-and-go traffic is a breeze with the V1’s quick acceleration, allowing you to keep up with the rhythm of the city without missing a beat.
  5. Foldable Options: Some versions of the V1 come with a foldable design, allowing you to conveniently take your bike on public transport or store it in compact spaces.
  6. Last-Mile Solution: The V1 bridges the gap between your home or workplace and public transportation hubs, serving as a reliable last-mile solution to complete your journey
  7. Multi-Modal Freedom: With the ability to fold or stow the V1 on buses, trains, or subways, you have the freedom to mix and match modes of transport for the most efficient and cost-effective route
  8. Avoid Congestion: By incorporating the V1 into your daily routine, you can avoid crowded buses and trains during peak hours, enjoying a more relaxed and private commuting experience.


Motor: 36V 250W
Wheel size: 14 Inch
Battery: 10.4 Ah battery
Travel speed: 20 km/h
Max speed: 27 km/h
Range: 30-40 km
Carrying weight: max 120 kg
Size: 1120 x 420 x 990 mm
Foldable format: 1120 x 450 x 640mm
Input voltage: 100-240V
Headlight and rear light (rear light on battery)
Disc brakes front and rear
Cruise control
Seat height can be adjusted
Water resistance level IP54
Color: Matt black
Free shipping within EU
Two years full warranty



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