The heart of the e-bike lies in its robust 750W motor. This powerful electric motor not only propels the bike effortlessly but also ensures a swift and responsive acceleration. Whether you’re conquering steep inclines or zipping through city streets, the motor delivers a seamless and enjoyable riding experience, making your commute or weekend adventure more exhilarating than ever.

Safety is paramount and EBKE takes it seriously with its hydraulic braking system. Hydraulic brakes offer superior stopping power and precise control, even in adverse weather conditions. Riders can confidently navigate busy streets, relying on the responsive braking system to bring them to a halt smoothly. The hydraulic brakes not only enhance safety but also reduce maintenance needs, ensuring a reliable and efficient ride every time.

This new EBKE E with 16-inch wheels, a 750W motor and hydraulic brakes is a testament to the continuous evolution of electric biking technology. Its compact design, powerful performance and smart features make it an attractive option for urban commuters and recreational riders alike. As we embrace the future of transportation, the Ebke E-Bike stands out as a symbol of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.


Dimensions: 140 x 66 x 96 cm
Motor :48V 750W High speed brushless motor
Battery: 13Ah removable lithium battery
Display: LCD Display
Brake : Hydraulic brake
Suspension:  Aluminum alloy front fork and rear suspension
Tire size: 16inch *4.0  Fat tire
Derailleur: 7 speed/Shimano
Frame Material : steel frame
Max Speed : 35km/h
PAS:1:1 intelligent PAS system
Weight: 30 kg



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