Basky bike basket


Your basket, your design
Personalise your Basky with your own design. For yourself, your company or relationships, or just to be different. Basky suits you. You can choose from our large collection of design stickers. If you would like a different design on your basky, you can easily upload and order this with our design tool. “Be yourself, and you will be original enough”!


The Basky BasketĀ® is a unique sustainable bicycle basket made from recycled plastic household waste.

Basky BasketĀ® has a unique, patented universal adapter system. Because of this, the Basky can be easily attached to any bicycle with a luggage or front carrier.

Your shopping Basky
Due to the adapter, the Basky can easily be removed from your bicycle. This allows you to use the basket as your own shopping basket, for example in the supermarket.

The Basky can be locked with a (unique) key. This reduces the risk of theft to a minimum.



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