Model V2 comes in off road edition

In a world where innovation continues to reshape the way we experience the great outdoors, the EBKE V2 Off-Road Edition emerges as a trailblazing addition to the realm of electric bikes. This exceptional machine combines cutting-edge technology, rugged design, and eco-friendly performance to redefine the boundaries of off-road exploration. Unveiling the Power Within The EBKE […]

Launching the F-Line

EBKE is launching the F-Line fat bike with a choice of different colors and the option to select off-road or road tires provides even more versatility to riders. Cyclists can now tailor the bike to their specific preferences and intended usage, whether it’s for adventurous off-road trails or smooth road rides. This customizable approach will […]

V35 Cargo bike

We have extended the range of bikes with the V30 Cargo tricycle bike. It is a versatile option for transporting cargo and we are sure it will be needful for your needs. The V30 is currently in stock and is costing Euro 2.995,00 including two years warranty and free delivery within the EU.

Pure power for EBKE V35

The new V35 bike comes with a 1000-watt brushless rear hub motor, which provides ample power for riding on various terrains and achieving decent speed. The motor is known for its reliability and efficiency, offering a smooth and powerful electric assist. Additionally, the EBKE V35 is equipped with a 48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery pack, providing […]

Locking system V2 updated

The locking system for the integrated battery and seat is updated with a new solution. instead of using screws the bike is now equipped with a folding bar making it easy to adjust the seat or remove the battery in total. The V2, equipped with this new system, will be in stock by the middle […]

Online Store moved to Sweden

Due to the rigid attitude of the Dutch government regarding e-bikes and fat bikes we have decided to move our online store to Sweden. When we look at countries in Europe where small urban mobility is allowed by law we don’t understand why the Dutch government is postponing the new mobility law year after year. […]

Updated model V20

Experience the unbeatable combination of power and comfort with our 48v 750w fat tire ebike. Equipped with a high-performance G750RS rear hub motor and a reliable 48V 16Ah lithium battery, this ebike can conquer any terrain with ease. Its durable aluminum frame, advanced control system, and mechanical components make it perfect for both leisurely rides […]

Special offer new V4

Are you a boat owner, caravan traveler, or camper enthusiast looking for an eco-friendly and convenient way to explore your surroundings? Look no further than the remarkable new model V4! Designed to enhance your outdoor adventures, the V4 combines the joy of cycling with the ease of electric power, making it an ideal companion for […]

EV Experience Zandvoort 2023

We are happy to welcome you to the EV Experience from 21-23 September at the Circuit Zandvoort, an exciting event showcasing the latest advancements in electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. As a cutting-edge technology and innovation enthusiast, we are excited to meet you in person and share our knowledge and expertise in the electric vehicle […]

Hockey goalie Pirmin Blaak drives EBKE

The goalie of the Dutch National team Pirmin Blaak has made his first trips with the EBKE V14. Configured with hydraulic brakes and two 15ah batteries he is able to reach 100km. Safe driving Pirmin!